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What Is The Chemistry Behind Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a method of washing the clothes using solvents rather than water to keep it in a good condition. This method is one of the best to use on expensive clothes and special material as this method ensures that the cloth would look like brand new. The clothes treated via dry cleaning method would generally stay for a longer time than usual. The dry cleaning chemicals used in this process are capable of removing all types of deep stains, oily spots, grease stains and even soil marks very easily. It is the best method to use on silk and woolen materials since the normal cleaning process would leave tears on these delicate materials. As it keeps shrinking and fading at bay, it is one of the best ways to treat your special clothes .

The Chemistry Behind Dry Cleaning

The key dry cleaning chemical is generally known as perc and the machines used for this dry cleaning process is quite different from the household washing machines. It is kind of a chamber where it has preset perforated drums, which will rotate and the solvent which does the real magic is held within the shell. The chambers would be filled with one third of solvent to wash the clothes gently. There are good professional service companies that does dry cleaning in a neat manner and iron the same while delivering for a much lesser and affordable price. On the first run, there would be solvents sticking the clothes, it would be drained completely and a warm air trial is used in the next run to expel the solvent from the material. This lets the solvent to get vaporized easily and fumes away. 

Another swift round of distilled solvents is used and also any moisture left behind would also condense away. Carpets and other thick rugs are also cleaned using this dry cleaning chemical as it would take a long time to dry if it gets wet through the normal cleaning process. This also includes mattress cleaning, any thick materials like leather can also be cleaned via this process. Especially, it is ideal to clean wedding clothes with these dry cleaning methods at least twice or thrice a year, so that it stays the same way forever along with the gentle memories. It is a cost effective method to keep clothes and other thick household materials nice and clean. But remember it is a tedious process and requires more time to finish. So, handover your valuable clothes to the professional dry cleaning services to bring a difference in the clothes.