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The advantage of carpet dry foam cleaning

Generally there are different ways on how to clean up your carpet, but the most convenient way of doing it is through Carpet Dry Foam Cleaning. It is not actually 100 percent dry cleaning, but it only needs less water in order to use, the water will be mixed with a dry foam powder. A special machine will be used which actually the one that will thoroughly mix the water and the foam powder and it will spread the solution all over the carpet by its rotating brushes, and at the same time it will clean the carpet because it also had a built in extraction capability to extract soil and dirt particles. And for the finishing step, all left residue from the carpet can be vacuumed and you will be marveled by the clean result. Another good thing about this is that it is available and can easily rented to almost all hardware shops nearby without waiting for too long, and it is a perfectly cleaning method for first timers.

Here’s some benefits of using the Carpet Dry Foam Cleaning method.

1. Fast dry

As mentioned above, Carpet Dry Foam Cleaning method only requires a small amount of water in cleaning. With only a small amount of water in the solution, drying time for the carpet will only take for about only 30 minutes or less compared to other cleaning methods. This will certainly save you and your family the trouble of having to wait for long hours before the carpets can be used.

2. No damage to your carpet

Carpet Dry Foam Cleaning method is actually a good choice for older and soiled carpets. Since the method doesn’t use any damaging chemicals and doesn’t leave any chemical or any detergent residue behind after cleaning, the carpet will be less susceptible in attracting new soil and dirt that would cause matting and carpet fibers thus, leaving your carpet like new and with no damage at all.

3. Clean

When using Carpet Dry Foam Cleaning method, the time for the carpet to re-soil will take much longer than usual. This cleaning method will give you at least 4 to 6 months between cleanings which making it much longer than any other cleaning methods today.

4. Extend the lifetime of your carpet

One feature of Carpet Dry Foam Cleaning method is called Encapsulation. This feature uses a cleaning chemistry that contains a cleaning agent and a crystallizing agent that will crystallize dirt and soil, leaving them easy for simple vacuum cleaning and effectively catch up the soil from clinging onto the carpet’s fibers. In effect, Carpet Dry Foam Cleaning will not just only clean your carpet, but thoroughly protects it from getting soiled and making to carpet to live much longer.

5. Healthy

Carpet Dry Foam Cleaning method is to be one of the the best carpet cleaning method that is being used today, and scientific studies show that it is very effective in removing dust mite allergen, mold allergen, leaving an excellent carpet cleaning results and therefore making it very beneficial for families that suffers from allergy issues.