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Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service

  • Dry cleaning is a waterless method of cleansing fabric from soils and stains using fluids. This process dissolves oils and grease in ways that water cannot. Cleaning certain fabrics with water can cause distortion, shrinkage and lost colour. Natural fibers, such as wool and silk do not respond well to cleaning with water, but they do clean beautifully using a dry cleaning method. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, also respond well to dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is a superior method of cleaning fabrics and helps restore garments to a like-new condition. Prevent your garments from shrinking, losing colour, or suffering a change in texture or finish by dry cleaning them.


 Repair & Alterations

  • We know your time is valuable, and searching for qualified repair and alterations services can eat up a lot of time that can be better spent doing other things. We offer a one-stop service for all your garment care needs. Not only will we clean your clothes but we can service any tailoring needs you may have. This saves you time and money from having to travel between locations to have your garments cleaned and altered. We have qualified staff who are happy to replace buttons, fix hems, and repair minor tears. Our trained staff will have your garments back to you in a professionally repaired manner. We’re skilled in protecting the integrity of of your garments, repairing them in the most professional manner possible using only the highest quality equipment and tools.


Household & Cushion 

  • Maintaining a clean and happy home is important. The cleanliness of your daily environment has an impact on the overall welfare of your family. We understand the importance of a sanitary home. Keep pests and diseases at bay by regularly cleaning your household items. Our services will clear away any dead skin cells, mites, and bacteria running amok in your sheets, blankets and pillows. Don’t sleep in filth any longer. A hygienic house is a happy home.


Carpet Cleaning & Care

  • If you have always had your rugs and carpets clean and tidy all the time, you clearly need not be told about an avalanche of benefits you can net from them. Problems associated with dirt, allergens and grit is no longer an issue in your home. However, if you do not have time to keep them clean more often, with great rug cleaning services from Easy Life Laundry, you can be sure of having those rugs in your home sparkling clean. Besides, our deep clean service will amazingly boost the life span your carpet and you can be sure of having them for the longest time.


Bag Cleaning & Care

  •  We know how difficult it can be to properly clean out your bags and other travel accessories without the proper tools. We specialize in all types of cleaning and can easily take care of your bag cleaning needs. Our specially trained staff can advise you on the proper care of your leather and designer bags. Proper cleaning, storing and protecting methods will make sure your bags stay in excellent condition for a long time to come. 


Wash & Fold Service

  • In our quest towards making life easier for thousands and thousands of our customers, Easy Life Laundry has wash & fold service by weight for you. For only 3kg you can be sure of parting with 68RMB. However, it is important to note that under this service, we only consider, T-shisrt, Polo shirt underwear, socks,toalwe, pajamas, exercise clotehs and some kids clothes among other smaller items, etc. For wash & fold service, including only regular wash, no stains special treatment, no ironing, wash and dry iucluded. Easy Life Laundry is clearly what you have been looking for.


Table clothes & Bedding Cleaning

  • Practically, sleeping on very clean and fresh smelling bed sheets is undoubtedly one of the best feelings. We know that feeling and we at Easy Life Laundry treasure it. Keeping your bed sheets clean is what we have always ensured we do, and sleeping on bed sheets filled with bacteria, mites, dead skin cell among other things is no long excusable. After all, with affordable cleaning services from Easy Life Laundry, we will help you eradicate any problem that can cause any health issue or disease among your family members.


Shoes cleaning & Repair

  • With today’s very busy lifestyles, it is obvious a number of people do not actually get time to clean their shoes. However, we at Easy Life laundry have been in the forefront providing shoe cleaning services to thousands of Shanghai residents. We know and understand why your shoes should be free of germs and in perfect condition all through. Bring those dirty and smelly shoes to us and you will be surprised on what we can do. Easy Life laundry will not only clean your shoes, but a team of professional shoe cleaners will ensure they use the best and quality products that will leave your shoes looking great and fresh all day


Leather Cleaning & Care

  •  We value the integrity of your precious leather garments. This fabric requires very particular care and attention when cleaning. Our suede and leather cleaning servicewill give your garments the best possible attention. We will enhance and preserve the vitality of all of your leather and suede items. Our services will regenerate the life of your leather items, restoring their appearance. We guarantee to return your leather garments looking as fresh as new. Give your leather jacket a new lease on life with our re-dying and refinishing services. We use only the best qualified specialists who are specifically trained and skilled in making your leather goods the most supple they could possibly be. We will make sure your leather is gentle, soft, and glossy. You can be assured that your leather and suede items will be returned to you as good as new. 


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