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How to Dry Clean a Burberry Coat

The best way to keep your clothes looking their best is to use the proper cleaning methods for each garment. A Burberry Coat is a garment, which cared for properly, can give you a lifetime of wear.

Taking your Burberry Coat to just any commercial dry cleaners is a gamble. Improperly cleaned coats have come back faded, yellowed, or otherwise damaged. Dry cleaning can also take away the waterproofing.Burberry highly recommends that you contact the store where you purchased the coat for recommendations ofprofessional dry cleaners in your area.

Every Day Care

Taking care of your Burberry Coat will aid in keeping it looking its best. The less it needs professional dry cleaning the longer it will last. Simple things like hanging it on a wide hanger instead of on a hook or thin hanger will help keep the overall shape of the garment. A wide hanger allows the weight of the coat to distribute over a larger area, keeping the shoulder area in its original shape. Additionally, when hanging your coat, it should be buttoned. If tied at the waist, it can lead to additional stress on the fibers.

Most Burberry Coats have waterproofing but if it does get wet, blot any water droplets off the surface with a soft cloth. This will prevent “water spots�?to show up that can stain the fabric if not taken care.

Small Spot and Stains

It is going to happen eventually. A small spot or stain will appear on your Burberry Coat. Instead of taking it to a professional dry cleaner every time, simple spots and stains can be handled at home. This will help keep your coat looking better, longer and will save a lot of money as well.

For small spots or stains, the lay the coat down on a clean surface. Do not work on it while it is still hanging. This can lead to unnecessary stress on the shoulders and can cause them to become misshapen. Use a lint roller over the entire surface to remove any dust or dirt. (Note: this should be done before and after being packed away for the off season.)

Dampen a soft, clean cloth with water and pour a teaspoon of white distilled vinegar onto the damp cloth. Squeeze out any excess moisture. The cloth needs to be damp, not dripping. Gently dab the spot or stain and press a dry cloth to the spot to absorb the moisture.

Once the spot or stain it taken care of, hang it buttoned on a wide hanger, but do not hang it in a closet until it is fully dry.


Stored properly during the off season will increase the life of your Burberry Coat. Taking it off the hanger and wrapping it in acid free paper before placing it in a firm sided box will help your coat to be looking its best. Even properly hung on a hanger for an extended time when not in use, can stretch the fibers. Storing it will not only diminish this, but also keep dust off the garment as well.

Taking the time to care for your Burberry Coat will give you years and years of use. A few minutes of care after wearing it will pay off in the long run. Dry cleaning occasionally is necessary, but make sure only to use aprofessional dry cleaners that Burberry recommends to keep it waterproof and looking its best.