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Let us Handle Your Laundry In Shang hai

Based in Shanghai, Easy Life Laundry has been in the forefront providing the best laundry cleaning services to thousands of Shanghai residents. We have not even stopped there; with the same level of commitment we first shown when we came into the industry, many of the residents have come into great contact with our convenient and highly skillful team of professionals. We know the kind of role our customers play, and Easy Life Laundry has always made sure quality and the best is given to you. With an array of services we offer, you clearly need not to look elsewhere.

  •  Fast  Exceptional dry cleaning service when you need us
  • Positive Feedback from customer is our award
  • Enviromentally Friendly dry cleaning from us
  • Our Commitment to quality service sustainability 
  • Providing a much needed service to your community

Monday to Sundy 7 days a week

At Easy Life Laundry we understand that the world is changing fast and new products are invented every day that can help consumers save on their dry cleaning costs. And while this is a good thing for most people, there are some circumstances where only a professional cleaning will do. That is why we are consistently asking for comments and suggestions from our customers on how we can improve our services. We want to always stay a step ahead of the competition and work hard in order to learn as much as we can about the latest improvements in the dry cleaning and laundry industry. By providing us with your ideas, we can both work together to offer you, the customer, the best dry cleaning services available.


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